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Following Hard

A friend of mine once shared with me an analogy of what it looks like to follow the Lord.  He says…

“I once thought following Jesus was like riding a bicycle.  That it was about finding the right balance in life.  But I’ve learned that following Jesus is actually a lot more like riding a unicycle… because to ride a unicycle one must be constantly falling forward in order to keep going.”

I have never even attempted to ride a unicycle, yet I think my friend is onto something.  Jesus didn’t come to bring balance to our lives.  He came to compel men to fall upon and lean entirely on the grace of God. 

Psalm 63:8 - My soul followeth hard after Thee; They right hand upholdeth me.

The Psalmist writes that his steadfast, rigorous pursuit of the Lord caused him to be dependent upon the power of God to uphold him.  Much worldly wisdom chips away at this teaching and if we’re not careful our hearts and lives become lukewarm whereby we esteem balance as wisdom and Biblical self-denial as foolish.

Ultimately, what Jesus is looking for is an inner-reality, not an outward appearance - He's seeking in us a wholehearted, diligent devotion to following Him expressed in works of humility and surrender.  The person embracing this truth doesn’t think to themselves, “Look at how much I have given to the Lord,” but rather cries, “Oh Lord, what else will You allow me to give to You?” 

You really don't want balance in your life.  You want the grace to live in abandonment to the Lord.

Psalm 63:8


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