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Newsletter - September 2019

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

This month we are completing the 5th year in our assignment to work within our community to help build and sustain a move of God that is marked by worship, intercession, and discipleship. 

We're encouraged to see how the Lord is working through His Church! Our contribution is just one small part of His overall strategy for our region; yet we know small offerings, in His hands, can still make a big difference.  So we're celebrating the victories, remembering His promises, prayerfully calling upon His Name, and carrying our greatest reward, Christ our Hope of Glory, on the inside as we rest in His abiding love.

We owe all of our gratitude to the Lord Jesus, Who works through you to provide every opportunity and resource we need to accomplish His work in us and through us.  

Keep reading the family and ministry updates to find out more about what we've been up to...

Your friends,

Josh & Ruth Pauley



We recently took the family to see a local livestock show, which was a new experience for us.  We toured the livestock pens where Rose found herself between two giant hogs coming at her from both sides.  Dad eventually stepped in to rescue the wide-eyed child who was wondering what would happen next....

Ruth is doing great at homeschooling. We've added piano lessons to the curriculum this year and the girls are thrilled to be enrolled in ballet classes again this fall.

We brought Ezekiel before the congregation in dedication of His life to the Lord. Our spiritual family blessed Him and we were also very surprised to have a wonderful showing of love and support from family members who traveled across the city and from out of town to celebrate the blessing that this little guy is to our family.

Zeke is growing fast and doing great, usually full of smiles and laughter

While we've been working hard the last several months, we did make the most of the hot summer months in the backyard splashing in our little build-a-pool.  And we were able to put some miles on the minivan making trips to see family, including a recent visit to Michigan to show off the new baby!

We know the work the Lord has called us to is a calling for the whole family and we're thankful that God is helping us keep our marriage and family strong.



Ruth and I serve with a team of leaders and intercessors who, because of their prayers and commitment to the work of ministry, are opening up more opportunities for us to serve the community through the ministries of the house of prayer. Here are some of the ways we've been working to serve and mobilize our community in prayer and disciple-making.

  • Jan: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting Community Prayer Services

  • Feb: Gospel Conversations Disciple-Making Training

  • Mar: Intercessor & Prayer Leader Training

  • Apr: Pray 1K Prayer Mobilization Workshops.

  • May: National Day of Prayer Services

  • May: Community Roundtable: Culture of Prayer

  • July: Open Heavens Worship Gathering

Weekly prayer teams, training classes, workshops, round-table forums, and community prayer gatherings continue to move the prayer mobilization strategy for our community forward. 

We've begun asking the Lord to help us identify, connect, and mobilize one thousand intercessors across the region to be a tool in the hand of the Lord for reaching people and making disciples.

As we pray for the harvest, we're also going into communities throughout our area to pray for people we meet, sharing stories from the Bible, and beginning gospel-centered conversations.  Pray with us for God to open homes and hearts to receive the love of God in Christ Jesus.

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