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Blue Jays stand up to any backyard bird and this one is no different.  Appearing distinguished in his royal blue colors and stylish feathers, Mr. Blue Jay is a favorite sight for many people because of his playfulness...did you know a flock of blue jays is called a "party"?  Blue Jays remind us to stand up for the things we believe in while not forgetting to have a little fun along the way.

Blue Jay

  • Blue Jay, Portrait (SOLD)
    Colored Pencil on Bristol Board (250 GSM)
    A5 (8.3 x 5.8 inches) 
    March, 2022


    This handsome portrait of a Blue Jay took dozens of hours carefully applying color and detail to make this distinguished gentleman come to life.  Multiple shades of blue, gray, and black along with layering techniques, were used to demonstrate the various textures found in his head, shoulders, and wings.  Special attention was paid to capturing the back-light illuminating the front of the breast and shoulders, making this guy really stand out from the flock!

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