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Our family enjoys putting our toes in the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun, and smelling the salt air on the wind...  and as we near the shore, somewhere outside our car window, there's always at least one Brown Pelican hovering just over the surface of the water who seems to be welcoming us as our holiday host and reminding us to leave our troubles behind, spread our wings and soar, and make the sun, the salt and the sea our home, even if it is only for a few days. 

Brown Pelican

  • Brown Pelican Portraint

    Colored Pencil on Smooth Bristol Board 

    9 x 12 inches

    August, 2022


    This portrait of a mature Brown Pelican captures the varied color, unique textures, and uncommon beauty of this magnificent creature. An interesting element of this composition is the varying techniques used to illustrate the different textures found in the pelican.  The tight and uniform head and neck feathers create a soft, downy texture, the depth found in the shoulder gives form and strength to the feathers there.  The contrast in style between the rubbery gular (pouch) and the smoothness of the beak also create an aesthetic note.  The blue background not only nods to the home of these birds but also brings attention to the pale blue eye surrounded by all the other outstanding colors.

  • Fine-Art Print 

    • Media: Luster Photo Paper
    • Size: 9x12Finishing:
    • Trim to Size (Flush) + Clear Bag

    These prints are a great way to purchase your favorite pieces when purchasing the original is not possible. Reproductions of the original artwork are made using digital capture and fine-art quality printing. Each print is individually signed by the artist and provides the same great colors and details as the original.

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