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The superhero of the shoreline, the Green Heron is a dark, stocky bird who stalks the water's edge.  Often hidden in the shadows of a tangle of branches and leaves, you'll most likely see him the moment he strikes or he's flying off to his next adventure. His appearance is indeed striking, resembling that of a caped crusador; a velvet-green cape of dark feathers draped across his back, a dark hooded cap often raised into a short crest above his head, and piercing yellow eyes which peer from behind his yellowish-green mask.  The Green Heron calls to the superhero in all of us, finding meaning in moments of solitary, secretive, stillness as we wait for the opportune moments to strike.

Green Heron

  • Green Heron

    Water Color Pencil on water color paper

    8 x 8 inches

    September, 2022


    This piece was inspired by photographer Josh Moore (Instagram @jdbirding) who captured a close-up shot of the Green Heron in its native habitat in East Texas.  Water color media was used to compliment the natural setting of these birds which are found along the shorelines of streams, ponds, and lakes.  Of particular interest in this composition is the use of light and shadows to bring form and depth as the light shines upon the front and top of the bird and creates deeper shadows- particularly across the neck, shoulders, and back of the bird.   There's also an interesting characteristic of the watercolor that contrasts smooth blends of colors interplayed with the sharpness of the detail that is etched into the paper.  You see this most notably in the black and yellow bands of feathers that creates an overlapping effect and draws the eye deeper into the work.

  • Fine-Art Print 

    • Media: Cold Press Bright
    • Size: 8x8
    • Finishing: 1/4" Extra Border + Clear Bag

    These prints are a great way to still collect your favorite pieces when purchasing the original is not possible. Reproductions of the original artwork are made using digital capture and fine-art quality printing. Each print is signed by the artist and provides the same great colors and details as the original.

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