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Summer 2017 Updates

We're excited to share these updates with you and thanks for being a part of our lives and ministry.


Josh & Ruth Pauley


The girls and I took pictures for Ruth as a surprise Mother's Day gift. Here's one of our favorites...

Love those smiles! Rose is reading everything she can find these days and Nola loves to sing. We're also playing on a soccer team this summer, and they are having a blast learning how to play.


Yep, that's me... I was the Apostle Paul this year in our VBS "Journey to Rome" program.

Vacation Bible School

Children came to visit me for a few minutes each day at "Paul's house", where they would find me under house-arrest, chained to a Roman soldier named Brutus, and writing letters to the church in Rome. Each day I'd share something from my letters, teaching the kids that God's love is a gift, God's love changes us, and God's love is always with us.  We celebrated at the end of the week as several kids made decisions to receive God's forgiveness and choose to follow Jesus.


praying for a move of God among students in our community

Student Night of Prayer

In March, we gathered with students from across the community for an evening of seeking the Lord and praying for the younger generation.  We worked together with several local student ministries and about a hundred junior-high, high school, and college students attended - along with several children and adults too.  

We worshiped together, repented, and prayed for one another and over this generation asking the Lord to pour out His Spirit on students across our region. The Holy Spirit ministered to many of them by releasing them from worry and anxiety and inviting them to align with His heart for their generation through prayer and prophetic ministry.


"Love Strong" men's prayer breakfast

One of our pursuits in ministry this year has been themed "Love Strong".  It's a commitment to fearlessness and vulnerability for the sake of displaying authentic love to the people around us.

Over the Spring, I taught a Sunday morning class that inspired people to become powerful individuals who influence cultures with their commitment to displaying authentic love.  In March, we also held an all-day men's conference with a follow-on small group study that challenged our paradigms of what loving God and loving others looks like in real life.

We're seeing several testimonies unfold with people who are seeing the shift in their thinking starting to bear fruit as they take new faith-risks in their walk with the Lord and in their relationships.


Weekly prayer group for Israel

It may not look very big to the casual observer, but the weekly Israel Prayer meeting has some major power on it.  Each Tuesday morning at 10am we're continuing to see the Lord share His heart with us and He continues to put "watchmen on the walls" as people join us in prayer.  We’ve just finished praying through the book of Zechariah and in the Fall we're planning to startup again with the book of Isaiah -  studying the promises of Scripture found in Isaiah's prophecies and praying them for the Jewish people in Israel and abroad. It's a prayer meeting Bible study! I'm so thankful for the intercessors that help make this jewel of a prayer meeting available to our community.

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